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Across the country people feel uncertain about what will happen at the federal level on climate, energy and sustainability policies in the coming years. But polls continue to show that Americans of all political stripes want action,…

The Circular Economy: Phoenix Reverses Course on Waste

Podcast with John Trujillo on Their Outside-the-Box Approach Cities of all shapes and sizes are dealing with the challenges of projected growth. Do we have enough housing? Do we have the right infrastructure and transportation options in…

Trees: They Do a City (and Body) Good (New Podcast!)

Have you ever been called (or called someone else) a “treehugger”? I personally wear that moniker as a badge of honor. For decades that has been a catchall term for anyone who supports protecting wild forests, clean…

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KLA in Action

Our clients want thriving, inclusive, healthy communities. We help them get there with innovative tools and tailored services to establish goals, take action, track progress and foster engagement.

Cambridge, MA: Sustainability Dashboard

Cambridge, MA: Sustainability Dashboard
KLA is working with 5-STAR Community, Cambridge, MA to extract those key data points, out of the thousands that they track, that truly tell their sustainability story.

Encinitas, CA: Climate Action Dashboard

Encinitas, CA: Climate Action Dashboard
As part of its Climate Action Plan update, the City of Encinitas, sought out KLA to help track their progress toward climate related goals. The City is using the KLA Dashboard platform to completely replace its existing Encinitas Environment site.

Springfield, MA: Resilient Springfield Dashboard

Springfield, MA: Resilient Springfield Dashboard
In partnership with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, the City of Springfield is developing a Climate Action Resilience Plan through a HUD funded grant. They are using the KLA Dashboard platform throughout the planning process to survey the community and share success stories. During implementation, the dashboard will track progress toward identified goals.

The Livable Nashua dashboard created a totally new way for the City to educate the public on the many great programs and initiatives we are already doing, provide transparent data and really start engaging the community on long-term goal setting. Working with KLA has been a truly positive relationship. They are organized, clear, concise and completely able to implement projects on schedule.

Sarah Marchant

Community Development Director, City of Nashua, NH

Working with Kim and her team has been so easy. They are experts in both Climate Action Planning and web design. The matchup is perfect when it comes to the development of our dashboard. I don’t have to explain our data or emissions reduction goals – KLA just knows! We’re really excited to see what the KLA team comes up with for our dashboard!

Crystal Najera

Climate Action Administrator, City of Encinitas, CA



Learn from Scholastic News that baby seals are getting clubbed to death in the Arctic - Must Stop Poachers!


Realize I can study something other than business in college- switch to an Environmental Science major.


Started working with the City of Medford, MA. First Environmental Agent for the City of Medford. Developed the first climate action plan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Built the City’s Office of Energy & Environment.


Kickoff KLA with a sustainability planning project with the City of San Antonio, TX. Host City’s first Sustainability Summit.

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Kim has been featured at more than 50 events, including the national conferences for the American Planning Association, the American Public Works Association, and the National Adaptation Forum.

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