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Be More Strategic + Efficient with our Social Media and Communications Planning Calendar

68% of American adults are on Facebook -- 3/4 of them daily.  If you're trying to reach your community members -- to engage them in a planning process or get them to take action to reach your…

KLA Livestream Guide Tools to Leverage for Online Earth Day + Community Engagement

This week is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, but all the typical ways we would celebrate -- local Earth Day fairs, park clean ups, school projects -- are not possible during a time of COVID19 social…

Community Engagement in an Age of Social Distancing

We hope you and your family are staying healthy and that you're finding success transitioning to working from home (as you can see, we moved a team strategy session to Zoom with plenty of smiles), keeping your…

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Our clients want thriving, inclusive, healthy communities. We help them get there with innovative tools and tailored services to establish goals, take action, track progress and foster engagement.

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The Livable Nashua dashboard created a totally new way for the City to educate the public on the many great programs and initiatives we are already doing, provide transparent data and really start engaging the community on long-term goal setting. Working with KLA has been a truly positive relationship. They are organized, clear, concise and completely able to implement projects on schedule.

Sarah Marchant

Community Development Director, City of Nashua, NH

Working with Kim and her team has been so easy. They are experts in both Climate Action Planning and web design. The matchup is perfect when it comes to the development of our dashboard. I don’t have to explain our data or emissions reduction goals – KLA just knows! We’re really excited to see what the KLA team comes up with for our dashboard!

Crystal Najera

Climate Action Administrator, City of Encinitas, CA

Our objective in working with KLA to create our dashboard was to better communicate progress towards our goals to the general public, but we have found that it’s valuable for internal engagement and communications as well. On more than one occasion, we have been able to quickly respond to requests from City Councilors or staff from other Departments regarding our progress toward goals by simply accessing our sustainability dashboard site from where ever we happen to be. It’s especially helpful as the dashboard takes complicated data sets, stored in files that cannot be remotely accessed, and synthesizes them into an easy to understand story supported by data visualization. This makes it easy for us to access answers quickly, but also allows us to point others to the site so that they can access the most up to date information whenever they need it.

Bronwyn Cooke

Sustainability Planner, Cambridge, MA

I love love love the social media content KLA sends every month, it is exactly what we need to engage the community in a fun and interactive way. We would never have time to generate this content ourselves.

KLA didn't just check the boxes. They helped us make the most of the MA Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program by including equitable community engagement and a series of compelling educational videos - which were a big hit in town! It has built a solid foundation for resilience in Concord thanks to KLA.

Kate Hanley

Sustainability Officer, Concord, MA



Learn from Scholastic News that baby seals are getting clubbed to death in the Arctic - Must Stop Poachers!


Realize I can study something other than business in college- switch to an Environmental Science major.


Started working with the City of Medford, MA. First Environmental Agent for the City of Medford. Developed the first climate action plan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Built the City’s Office of Energy & Environment.


Kickoff KLA with a sustainability planning project with the City of San Antonio, TX. Host City’s first Sustainability Summit.

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